Watershed Size:  Approximately 801sq mi / 513,121 acres.

Location:  Colbert, Franklin, Lawrence, Marion and Winston Counties AL ; Tishomingo, Itawamba Counties MS.

Priority Species:

Fish:  Bandfin Darter, Blueface Darter, Brindled Madtom, Gilt Darter, Slenderhead Darter, Suckermouth Minnow

Mussels: Slabside Pearlymussel, Kidneyshell. Rabbitsfoot, Creeper, Black Sandshell, Cumberland Moccasinshell, Round Hickorynut, Cumberlandian Combshell, Pink Mucket, Alabama LampmusselMucket (H), Snuffbox (H), Finerayed Pigtoe (H), Tennessee Clubshell (H), Tennessee Pigtoe (H)

Snails:  Round-rib Elimia, Warty Rocksnail

(H) = Historic (species historically occurred in the SHU or SRRU but, it has either not been collected in a number of years, and may be considered extirpated, or the species could be present but there aren’t recent records to document its presence).

Critical Habitat for:  Oyster Mussel (Unoccupied CH), Cumberlandian Combshell