POLLUTION SOLUTIONS: Simple ways you can protect your watershed

W ash your car on the grass or at a commercial carwash that recycles the water.

A pply fertilizers as instructed on the bag.  Choose organic or slow release options.

T est your soil to know the best fertilizer options for your lawn.

E xpired/old medicine should go in the trash or to a proper disposal center, not the sink or toilet.

R ecycle yard waste.  Mulch grass clippings and leave on the lawn.

S urfaces like gravel are better for walkways because they allow rain to soak into the ground.

H ardy native plants require less water, fertilizers or pesticides.  Use these instead of non-native plants.

E verything we pour down the drain ends up in the water we drink so be mindful of what you are pouring.

D ispose of your pet's waste in the trash, not the toilet.