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Water is an Important Part of Our Lives

Get to know your H2OLet's Admit it...nothing is as refreshing as a glass of cool water on a hot Alabama day. Although most of us don't think about where our water comes from, we expect it to be clean and safe for ourselves and our families.

Doing YOUR part to help keep our water clean and safe is easier than you might think. If each person does their part, we can make a huge person and one drop at a time.

Still unsure? See how water affects our jobs, our economy, our health, our real estate prices, and more.

What is a Watershed?

EVERYONE lives in a watershed, although many of us never realize it.  Each time it rains, water has to go somewhere. Simply put, a watershed includes all of the land that drains or "sheds" into a body of water. As rainwater flows to the closest body of water, it comes in contact with anything we pour or place onto the ground.

This body of water could be your favorite creek or pond where you skip rocks, the river where you and your family fish, or the ocean you enjoy visiting during family vacations.


 Mulberry Creek

Mulberry Creek in Chilton County is this week's featured Alabama watershed wonder. Blackbanded darters, blacktail shiners, longjaw minnows, shadow bass and crayfish call this creek home.
Blackbanded darter

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