SRRU length: Approximately 56 mi.

Location: Calhoun and Gulf, FL.

Priority Species: 

Crayfish:  Rusty Grave Digger.

Fish:  Alabama Shad, Snail Bullhead, Spotted Bullhead, Shoal Bass, "Apalachicola Redhorse," Bluenose Shiner.

Mussels: Fat Threeridge, Cypress Floater, Purple Bankclimber, Chipola Slabshell, Shinyrayed Pocketbook, Gulf Moccasinshell (H), Oval Pigtoe, Sculptured Pigtoe, Florida Floater, Downy Rainbow.

Reptiles and Amphibians:  Rainbow Snake, Barbour's Map Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtle.

(H) = Historic (species historically occurred in the SHU or SRRU but, it has either not been collected in a number of years, and may be considered extirpated, or the species could be present but there aren’t recent records to document its presence).

Critical Habitat: