SRRU Length:  ~ 19 Miles

Location:  Talladega County AL.

Priority Speceis: 

Crayfish:  Greensaddle Crayfish.

Fish:  Blue Shiner.

Mussels:  Finelined Pocketbook, Southern Clubshell, Coosa Creekshell, Alabama Moccasinshell (H), Coosa Moccasinshell (H), Georgia Pigtoe (H), Rayed Kidneyshell (H), Southern Purple Lilliput (H).

Snails:  Brooch Elimia, Lacey Elimia, Latticed Elimia, Auger Elimia, Painted Rocksnail, Wicker Ancylid, Sculpin Snail, Interrupted Rocksnail (H).

(H) = Historic (species historically occurred in the SHU or SRRU but, it has either not been collected in a number of years, and may be considered extirpated, or the species could be present but there aren’t recent records to document its presence).