Watershed Size: Approximately 440 sq mi / 281,297 acres.

Location: Jackson, Madison and Marshall Counties AL; Franklin County TN.

Priority Species:  

Crayfish:  Alabama Cave Crayfish, Depression Crayfish, Sweet Home Alabama Cave Crayfish.

Fish:  Streamline Chub, Palezone Shiner, Blotchside Logperch, Snail Darter.

Mussels:  Mucket, Pheasantshell, Elktoe, Southern Elktoe, Slippershell Mussell, Spike, Snuffbox, Shiny Pigtoe, Finerayed Pigtoe, Longsolid, Pink Mucket, Alabama Lampmussel, Tennessee Heelsplitter, Black Sandshell, Cumberland Moccasinshell, Round Hickorynut, Ohio Pigtoe, Tennessee Clubshell, Pyramid Pigtoe, Tennessee Pigtoe, Slabside Pearlymussel, Kidneyshell, Creeper, Pale Lilliput, Painted Creekshell, Round Pigtoe (H), Rabbitsfoot, Monkeyface (H).

Reptiles and Amphibians:  Tennessee Cave Salamander, Eastern Hellbender.

Snails:  Engraved Elimia, Angled Marstonia, Rugged Hornsnail.

(H) = Historic (species historically occurred in the SHU or SRRU but, it has either not been collected in a number of years, and may be considered extirpated, or the species could be present but there aren’t recent records to document its presence).