SRRU Length: ~ 5 Miles.

Location:  St. Clair and Talladega Counties AL.

Priority Species: 

Fish:  Gulf Sturgeon (H).

Mussels:  Southern Clubshell, Alabama Spike (H), Southern Combshell (H), Finelined Pocketbook (H), Alabama Moccasinshell (H), Coosa Moccasinshell (H), Southern Pigtoe (H), Cherokee Pigtoe (H), Coosa Pigtoe (H), Coosa Orb (H), Monkeyface (H), Southern Purple Lilliput (H).

Snails:  Teardrop Elimia, Cobble Emimia, Painted Rocksnail, Tulotoma, Interrupted Rocksnail (H).

(H) = Historic (species historically occurred in the SHU or SRRU but, it has either not been collected in a number of years, and may be considered extirpated, or the species could be present but there aren’t recent records to document its presence).